CGD’s Virtual Food Drive

Organized by Climate & Global Dynamics Laboratory / NCAR

My Goal

$2,310 of $1,500

Let’s make a difference in our community! A $1 donation = $5 worth of groceries!
Community Food Share is a food bank fighting hunger in Boulder and Broomfield Counties by providing access to fresh, nutritious food through local partners and onsite and mobile pantries.

Hunger is a reality for 1 in 8 people in Boulder and Broomfield Counties, up from 1 in 10 prior to the pandemic. Currently, Community Food Share is sending over 100 pounds of food out their doors for every minute that they are open.

Thank you so much for your support for Community Food Share!

General Donation
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Image of milk, cream, eggs, and cheese
Fresh Dairy Products & Eggs
30 pounds of fresh dairy and eggs

Price: $65.00

Image of bell peppers, potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, and chives
Fresh Produce
250 pounds of fresh produce

Price: $45.00

Image of a roast turkey on a plate with vegetables
Fresh Protein
20 pounds of fresh proteins

Price: $70.00

Whole Grain Cereal
15 family-size bags of whole grain cereal

Price: $20.00

Hearty Soups
150 cans of hearty soup

Price: $100.00

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    • Alice DuVivier

    • Lara Cervantes

    • Nan Rosenbloom

    • Daniel Marsh

  • Stretching Your Dollars

    Thanks to our wholesale buying power, every dollar you donate equals five dollars’ worth of groceries for our neighbors struggling with food insecurity.