First Bank Virtual Food Drive

Organized by First Bank

Donations accepted January 7–31, 2022

Our Goal

$810 of $5,000

On December 30, our community was hit by the most destructive wildfires in Colorado’s history. What started as a normal Thursday, with family and friends preparing to bid farewell to 2021, turned into mass evacuation and a shocking tragedy that threatened the core of our communities. FirstBank is committed to the long term recovery of our local community and has set an aggressive goal of $5,000 to support the needs of our families, friends, and neighbors. For every dollar donated to Community Food Share, they can provide $5 worth of groceries.

Community Food Share’s initial response is to provide additional food distribution services to meet the immediate needs of those affected. They are working with federal and local emergency response teams to provide the support they’ve identified as most helpful. While they are able to pivot quickly and respond to the critical needs of our community, they are also preparing for the long-term recovery process that will take years, especially in the midst of continued pandemic challenges. We are committed to serve those impacted by the fires along with the tens of thousands of neighbors who already utilize their services.

Monetary donations are especially valuable as they have already begun purchasing additional food. Already, they are seeing a specific need for bottled water (varying size), ready-to-eat meals and foods that are easy to prepare in a hotel setting, canned items with a pop-top, and toiletry items.

General Donation
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Image of bell peppers, potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, and chives
Fresh Produce
250 pounds of fresh produce

Price: $45.00

Image of a roast turkey on a plate with vegetables
Fresh Protein
20 pounds of fresh proteins

Price: $70.00

Nut Butters
35 jars of nut butter

Price: $75.00

Whole Grain Cereal
15 family-size bags of whole grain cereal

Price: $20.00

Hearty Soups
150 cans of hearty soup

Price: $100.00

  • Our Donors
    • Connie Nichols

    • Erinn Darby

    • Molly Duvall

    • Scott Dyk

    • Kris Galbreath

    • Amanda Piland

    • John Ricotta

    • Jerri Berry

  • Stretching Your Dollars

    Thanks to our wholesale buying power, every dollar you donate equals five dollars’ worth of groceries for our neighbors struggling with food insecurity.