IHS Markit Virtual Food Drive

Organized by IHS Markit

Our Goal

$0 of $1,500

Dear Colorado based IHS Markit colleagues.

2020 keeps throwing punches and we are exhausted on many levels. Just imagine if securing food for your family was one of those worries. Its no surprise that the pandemic has created a food crisis, an unprecedented need for food assistance. Our partnership with Community Food Share has been strong for many years and will keep our annual tradition of mobilizing food and financial donations.

Since COVID-19 hit our community, Community Food Share has seen a 32% increase in demand for food services, a need that will continue into 2021. The organization plays a vital role to ensure that food is accessible to the countless residents that find themselves needing assistance, many for the first time.

Please consider making a donation to support our families, friends, and neighbors that find themselves in a time of unexpected hardship. $1 donated can provide $5 worth of groceries. Help us reach our goal of $1,500 that provides 4,500 meals back into the community!

General Donation $5

Price: $5.00

Nut Butters
120 jars of peanut butter

Price: $150.00

Applesauce Cups
105 applesauce cups

Price: $25.00

White Rice
25 bags of rice

Price: $15.00

Canned Tuna
215 cans of tuna

Price: $100.00

Canned Peas & Pinto Beans
95 can of peas/pinto beans

Price: $50.00

Toasted Oats Cereal
60 bags of whole grain cereal

Price: $50.00

Beef Stew
85 cans of beef stew or hearty soup

Price: $75.00

General Donation

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  • Stretching Your Dollars

    Thanks to our wholesale buying power, every dollar you donate provides even more meals for our hungry neighbors.