Sunflower Farm Virtual Food Drive 2021

Organized by Sunflower Farm

Our Goal

$8,183 of $5,000

Dear Parents,

Beginning Sunday, November 7th- November 20th, Sunflower Farm is running a food drive for Community Food Share food bank to help them eradicate hunger in Boulder and Broomfield Counties. Families can participate through this site, or beginning Monday the 8th of November, you can bring in any of the food donations listed below and we will deliver them to Community Food Share. Please just give these items to your teachers.

With the current pandemic, many more families are experiencing hunger than in previous years and Sunflower Farm believes in not only educating children about where their food comes from, but also in creating a sustainable future. With this in mind, we are kicking off our Community Food Drive with a public Farmfest Fundraiser on Sunday, November 7th.

We are hoping that in the next few weeks, our Sunflower Farm school community will contribute to our food drive and help teach our kids about giving back to our community. We would be very appreciative if families could donate food online through this site or bring in healthy, low-sodium, packaged, non-perishable food items, such as:

  • Nut-butters
  • Canned tuna and chicken
  • Canned fruits & vegetables
  • Cereal and oatmeal
  • Soups & stews
  • Baby food & formula
  • Pasta and canned sauce
  • Beans (canned or dry)

Community Food Share can also take a $1.00 donation and turn it into $5 worth of groceries, so your monetary donations can have a big impact.

We believe that no family should go hungry in our community, so please donate today!

On behalf of our Sunflower Farm family and the Community Food Share, thanks for your support!

Image of milk, cream, eggs, and cheese
Fresh Dairy Products & Eggs
30 pounds of fresh dairy and eggs

Price: $65.00

Image of bell peppers, potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, and chives
Fresh Produce
250 pounds of fresh produce

Price: $45.00

Image of a roast turkey on a plate with vegetables
Fresh Protein
20 pounds of fresh proteins

Price: $70.00

General Donation

Enter Donation Amount:

Nut Butters
35 jars of nut butter

Price: $75.00

Applesauce Cups
75 fruit cups

Price: $25.00

White Rice
25 bags of rice

Price: $15.00

Whole Grain Cereal
15 family-size bags of whole grain cereal

Price: $20.00

Hearty Soups
150 cans of hearty soup

Price: $100.00

  • Our Donors
    • Eliane Abreu

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    • Michelle Simms

    • Haley McNabb

    • Sunflower Farm

    • Jillian Waters

    • Ashley Neumann

    • Maryjean Turner

    • Liz Napp

  • Stretching Your Dollars

    Thanks to our wholesale buying power, every dollar you donate equals five dollars’ worth of groceries for our neighbors struggling with food insecurity.