Sydney’s Virtual Food Drive for Those Affected by the Marshall Fire

Donations accepted January 6–31, 2022

My Goal

$530 of $500

On December 30 the Marshall Fire destroyed around 1,000 structures in and around Boulder County, causing hundreds of families to lose everything in a matter of hours, and many more without power or safe drinking water in the days following the fire. For many of these families, it will take years to recover what they’ve lost.

Even before this fire took its toll, hunger was already a daily reality for 1 in 8 people in Boulder County. Community Food Share has been working to help individuals and families in need by getting over 100 pounds of food to those who need it for every minute that they are open. This incredible work is needed now more than ever, with thousands affected by the fire, without homes in the middle of multiple winter snowstorms, and relying on the help and kindness of friends, family, strangers, and their community.

I am so lucky that where I live in Boulder was not affected by the fire, and I’m hoping to do my part to help those who were affected.

I am asking you to donate any amount you feel comfortable with to go directly to Community Food Share’s efforts to help people around this community during this time. The money donated will be used to purchase food that will then be given directly to those who need it, without any documentation or proof of address required at this time — making help accessible for those who have lost everything.

I also encourage anyone living locally to donate food items directly to Community Food Share – information for donations can be found on their website!

Help me reach my fundraising goal and make a direct positive impact on the Boulder County community! Thank you so much for your help!

General Donation
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Image of milk, cream, eggs, and cheese
Fresh Dairy Products & Eggs
30 pounds of fresh dairy and eggs

Price: $65.00

Image of bell peppers, potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, and chives
Fresh Produce
250 pounds of fresh produce

Price: $45.00

Image of a roast turkey on a plate with vegetables
Fresh Protein
20 pounds of fresh proteins

Price: $70.00

Nut Butters
35 jars of nut butter

Price: $75.00

Applesauce Cups
75 fruit cups

Price: $25.00

White Rice
25 bags of rice

Price: $15.00

Whole Grain Cereal
15 family-size bags of whole grain cereal

Price: $20.00

Hearty Soups
150 cans of hearty soup

Price: $100.00

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  • Stretching Your Dollars

    Thanks to our wholesale buying power, every dollar you donate equals five dollars’ worth of groceries for our neighbors struggling with food insecurity.